Through MoldFlow and rich experience on mold design, combine the sophisticated processing equipment with technology, and provide customers with high quality, excellent and reasonable price of products.
High-precision CNC machining machine, wire cutting machine, discharge machine, effectively improve mold quality, and shorten processing schedule.
High-precision & high-efficiency Japanese molding machine and low-pollution & high efficiency all-electric molding production equipment, make production quality stable, reduce the cost, guarantee the delivery, and constantly challenge higher manufacturing technology.
Equipped with complete and professional high-precision measurement equipment to make precise checks for products.
Mold flow analysis technology can assist the mold in the design stage to let you evaluate the feasibility of manufacturing to start with the decision of the technical configuration in the design stage. Effectively reduce working hours and shorten the mold opening cycle. 。
The quality of the products from Chin Chen Mold Plastics Co.,Ltd., is in accordance with ISO standards, and in the spirit of excellence to set a stricter quality policy and quality goal. With this rigorous inspection system, the products are highly trusted by customers.。
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