On the strength of rich designing experience, excellent processing equipment and know-how, together with CAE analysis, enable JC to offer high quality with fairly price.
High quality and precision mold manufacturing capability, new type CNC machining centers and CNC wire-cutting can effectively shorten processing schedule with high-quality output mold.

Japan molding machines are efficient and precise, all-electric machines decrease pollution output and ensure stable product quality, prompt lead-time, and lower cost, thus manufacturing technology can upgrade.

Painting clean room and robotization painting line provide best cost-benefit combination for either painting or printing on plastic surface.

We have perfect assembly line to content with various customer demands on plastic products.

Chih-Cheng has complete QA inspecting equipment guarantees high precision products.

Providing various product property inspections, including ROHS quantity, waterproofing, hardness, constant temperature…etc.

CAE computer simulation moldflow technology can evaluate manufacturing feasibility at mold designing stage, pre-allocating techniques also shorten die sinking cycle and labor hours.

In the light of excelsior policy and severe quality inspecting system, Chih-Cheng products pass ISO quality and obtain great customer satisfaction.



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